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Etiquette June 23, 2009

Filed under: your views — filmenthusiast @ 6:27 pm

What most annoys you about other’s when you go to the cinema?

Is it the latecomers who make you get up from your seats, those with weak bladders who obscur the screen on their way to the toilets, incessant talkers, loud munchers, texters or the back-of-the-seat knee jammers …

Feel free to vent!!


4 Responses to “Etiquette”

  1. The talkers especially the dumbfounded question askers.

  2. ruth Says:

    For me, it’s noisy people, especially when it’s a whole family w/ noisy kids. It’s as if they thought the whole theater is their own home cinema. Loud munchers, texters or the back-of-the-seat knee jammers … are all very annoying. Some people just have zero manners!

    • filmenthusiast Says:

      Going to the cinema isn’t the experience it used to be. At £8 a ticket, or more – I’m not exactly sure what we’re paying for…

      To avoid the kids and teenage groups I’d advise visiting an independent cinema. The Curzon is a favourite of mine. Though it shows in the price. I’m sure once they undergo a little refurbishment and replace the torn seats – maybe level them a bit, it will be a pleasure again.

      Apologies for not responding sooner. Or, following up with further posts. I only recently recovered this account. I had completely forgotten about it. I have a new page, if you wish to take a look:

      Best wishes, Pamela.

  3. I think its a toss up between the talkers and the cell phone users in the theater. I don’t mind during the previews but once the actual film starts its shut up and power off time for sure.

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